Why Shop Small Business Sat is Important To Your Career

Shop Small Business SaturdayDid you know………….? You can help small businesses in your neighborhood and your career at the same time?


Yep, it’s true. With the annual Shop Small campaign sponsored by American Express. See this link: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/small-business/shop-small/about/?linknav=us-open-shopsmall-homepage-about


Never heard of it? Well, Shop Small is a way to give ‘the little guy’ a chance to compete against his conglomerate brethren by encouraging you, the consumer, to spend some time in your neighborhood, patronizing great small businesses.


It dawned on me:  We all say we want more opportunity, but how many times do we go out of our way to create that by shopping those neighborhood small businesses that are the ‘economic backbone’ of our society?


That way, you are giving someone a chance to grow and perhaps hire their next employee. Maybe it’ll be an epic job, chances are it’ll be part time. But it is a chance for you to brag and be part of someone else’s success. 


I firmly believe that entrepreneurship, even on a part time level is the wave of the future. Give yourself and the entrepreneur next door more opportunities by shopping small.


To find your next neighborhood gem, go here:
Talk soon and God Bless.



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